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Ham for Chanukah makes the NY Daily News

Dec. 6th, 2007 | 09:26 am

There's a brief article about my ham photos in the NY Daily News today! I'm relieved to see I wasn't misquoted.

The photos are now available at my quickie cafepress store on mugs, an apron, magnets, and cards suitable for next Chanukah!

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Before someone else gacks the idea

Dec. 5th, 2007 | 07:11 pm

If you're tickled by the Ham for Chanukah pic, visit my store at, where you can get it on a mug, or on greeting cards (stock up now for next year!).

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Dec. 5th, 2007 | 05:10 pm

I just heard from a reporter at the NY Daily News -- he interviewed me briefly about the Chanukah ham! Who ever guessed that THIS would be my 15 minutes of fame???? Where were you all when I published my novel?

Ah, I must laugh ....

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Move on, nothing to see here

Dec. 4th, 2007 | 10:08 am

Well, I had my few minutes of fame yesterday thanks to Gothamist, which was lots of fun. Popped into Balducci's again this morning to pick up some roast beef to take to work, and of course checked on my little friends the hams. Who were stripped of their Chosen status and returned to the realm of the nondenominational with green "Perfect for The Holidays" tags. I assume the store must've gotten a couple of calls.

Not quite as amusing but still providing some fodder for fun was the sign I saw on the door at Borders in Penn Plaza: Books Are Safe Presents for Kids. I assume this meant that they're free of lead and phthalates, but the first thing I thought, as both a reader and a writer and just a person, was that we're in dire straits when safety has to be the #1 concern of a gift choice, and when safety is the #1 thing that recommends the gift of a book, in particular. Then I thought: but books can have sharp edges! And what about paper cuts! And if you're one of those po-faced literalists who believes that reading about anything imaginary will make little Dick and Jane grow up to be Satanists, books aren't safe at all ohnoohnoohno!

I went up to Borders because I wanted to take a lunch time walk, and my current client's office is in quite a boring neighborhood with nothing much to browse nearby. But once I was inside the store I felt like I'd entered a sort of combination pinball machine/Disneyworld ride, Books seemed pretty incidental to the whole thing, and books for serious readers, as opposed to those with candy-colored covers and the large see!-reading-isn't-really-too-hard-and-this-book-isn't-really-very-long fonts, seemed to be in pretty short supply. Whoever was in charge of shelving in the Fiction/Literature section had only the most rudimentary grasp of alphabetical order. (Is it just me becoming po-faced when I think that each passing generation is more and more indifferent to the civilizing importance of these little sanities such as shelving books in their proper order? Because the NYPL has the exact same problem -- you're lucky if novels are reshelved somewhere in sniffing distance of their author's first letter, let alone anything so subtle as not breaking up the Trollopes with the Tolstoys.) After a couple of minutes' browsing I couldn't shake the feeling that this really wasn't actually a bookstore, and I couldn't wait to get out.

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Let's all eat trafe for Chanukah!

Dec. 2nd, 2007 | 10:53 am

A holiday scene:

The Place: Balducci's, today.
Personae: Me, shopping for low-carb food.
Action: I'm sort of staring at the meat display, lots of salamis and sausages, and then various hams. And the hams' price signs have all been tagged with festive PERFECT FOR CHANUKAH banners. Which I blinked at for a couple of secs, trying to decide if this was an example of truly monumental cluelessness or ... nah. It's just the Department of Monumental Cluelessness, Well-Meaning Division.

Photos taken at the Balducci's on 8th Ave at 14th Street, on Sunday, 12/2.

Update: As of Tuesday morning 12/4, the hams are now tagged with green "Perfect for the Holidays!" signs.

By Popular Demand: If you're tickled by the Ham for Chanukah pic, visit my store at, where you can get it on a mug, or on greeting cards (stock up now for next year!).

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