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It's all starting to blend together

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Oct. 28th, 2010 | 07:59 pm

Impressions. I feel like I've been in Florence for weeks. How weird is that? The city is also starting to make sense to me geographically, a little bit, not at all in the sense that I don't need to look at the map every 3 steps, but just in the sense of understanding what is where and in relation to what else. I've gone from having no mental image to a pretty good one.

The language continues to defeat me utterly, my utterances being an ungodly mishmash of Italian, French, Spanish, which I don't even know any of for God's sake beyond lo siento and la via del tren subterraneo es peligrosa, and English, all in the same sentence, and of course without any articles or pronouns because I don't dare. Still, I am understood, if secretly or not so secretly disdained.

Everything I've seen for the last week is blending together, like it was all just one big basilica with everything crammed into it, and outside of which is just one big piazza ditto. It kind of might as well be. I take all these photos and then at the end of the day I look at them and realize I can't remember where I took them or who was the artist. It really doesn't matter. It's just delicious to be here in this place that combines so many things I love all in a small walkable place, it feels very tailored to my particular interests and pursuits. Though, don't tell anyone, but I have to confess that the pastry is much better in Paris, as are the cafes in general. (I can't get a good croissant here, and I don't know why I don't just stop trying.) In fact, except for the art itself, I think I like Paris better. I blush to admit it. Paris is prettier. And also has excellent ice cream.

As I feared before I came, I haven't found anyone to talk to, but whereas I was worried it about before I left home, now I'm here it's really not a problem. I've called my folks, and last night I called my pal D, and had a good yak. I have a VoIP app on my phone that lets me call anywhere for free if I'm on wifi, which in the hotel, I am. I had hoped to strike up some little conversations here and there with my fellow travelers, but so far, no. I'm not actually Miss Gregarious 2010 anyhow.

Other than the three churches that were the main destinations of the day, I also shopped for an important gift, successfully, ate some lovely spaghetti carbonara for lunch, drank warm caffe latte served in a glass (like the way my ancestors in Poland drank their tea!) in a pretty cafe outside S Croce, petted a dog in a paper shop (I am very dog-hungry after over a week away from the Chuffster, who according to J, doesn't seem to miss me at all, bless his little haid), ate a banana/chocolate gelato cone, walked across the Arno on two new (to me) bridges, and ate a sandwich in my room for dinner. A completely satisfying day.

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