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Frescoes a-go-go

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Oct. 28th, 2010 | 07:11 pm

Did the round of the churches with important art in them that I hadn't yet hit, starting out with Santa Croce, which is all the way east, then crossing the river to Oltrarno and walking all the way west to Santa Maria del Carmine which houses the Brancacchi chapel, then back across the river to Santa Maria Novella which is close to the train station and therefore my hotel. So essentially today I circumnavigated the whole of the central city. Apart from having to share the Masaccios in the Brancacchi with a school group -- why was the place stuffed with multiple school groups of 11 year-olds at 3 in the afternoon? Don't they usually do field trips in the morning??? -- it was all blissful blissful blissful.

Here's some images of what I saw that I wasn't allowed to photograph:

Adam and Eve expelled from the garden, by Masaccio.

Christ and St Peter faking out the tax collector.

Ghirlandaio's fresco of the birth of the Virgin Mary

Filippino Lippis self portrait included in a fresco in the Brancacchi chapel. Filippino was son of Fra Lippo, and much influenced by Botticelli.

Here's Filippino's part of the fresco in the Brancacchi, St Peter being sprung from jail by the angel. I like the sleeping guard.

Some saint is curing somebody in this one but the really great part is those two well-dressed Florentine gents in the middle. Check out their outfits!!!

Giotto's fresco of the death of St Francis, which is famous for being among the first depictions of real human emotion in art after the end of the ancient world.

This is in the church of Santo Spirito, so I saw it the other day, but I just found this pic. It's a wooden crucifix by Michaelangelo -- who didn't often work in wood. The photo doesn't begin to do justice to the subtlety, nuance and deep emotion of this one.

I took a whole bunch of photos today and I'm not going to include them individually here. I'll just tease with these gorgeous, dramatic leather gauntlet gloves I saw at Madova, a beautiful glove shop in Oltrarno. IMG_1915
The rest of my photos can be seen here at my Flickr stream.

I've bought about eleventy-million postcards of the art.

Oh, and here's another Italian cat for cheesygirl:S Croce courtyard with cat
He (or she) is in the courtyard of S Croce basilica.

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